Friday, August 22, 2008

Announcing - Fall Mini Tat Camp 2008 in Southwestern Ohio

This is the first ever tat day in Lebanon Ohio at the home of Ruth Perry, aka Rozella Linden.  This is the only one this year.  I do plan to do this several times next year.

WHEN:  Saturday, October 18
WHERE:  Lebanon, OH, USA
WHAT: TATTING MINI CAMP in Southwestern Ohio
WHO:  You????   There is a limit of 12!!!   RSVP now!  9 spots still available...

Classes$0.00 USD  1 morning class, 1 afternoon class, evening tat'n'chats
Food: Breakfast on your own, pitch in or donate lunch, and pay for your own supper at the historic Golden Lamb in Lebanon, Ohio, or a restaurant TBD by the group.

Lodging:  I have room for a few (4 or 5) overnight sleepover guests, continental breakfasts, first come basis.   $0.00 USD ($25.00 reservation fee for overnight guests will be refunded upon arrival).  
There are motels within a few minutes drive, including the Great Wolf Lodge with an indoor water park next to Kings Island amusement park in case you'd like to make it a family vacation.

Transportation:   OK, you have to pay for something...  Dayton and Cincinnati airports are both about an hour or less depending upon time of day.  You're on your own to get here.  Possible pickup may be arranged with local tatters.

WHY:  If you are a tatter who would like to learn - first hand - how to tat the Balanced Double Stitch and the Beaded Double Core Reverse Ring, or maybe just come and hang out with other tatters for awhile, you are invited to attend.  
Beginners welcome, and will have a "learn the basics" tatting class of their own.

Shopping nearby: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn super store, all near the Dayton Mall. ZigZag corner is only a couple hours or so away in Indiana.  There will be a vendor with books, and some tatting supplies on site.

RSVP to: rjpoms (at)  Paypal account for reservation fee is the same email.

Y'all come!

Our new deck addition.  This was taken looking out over the back yard to the park

The new deck addition looking towards the old deck.

Here is a photo of the front of the house minus the garage, which is out of the picture on the right.

We've been putting an addition onto the deck in back, and planting flowers, watching the hot air balloons that fly over mornings and evenings several times a week, observing the progress of the young geese in their flight training, and have remained neutral in the hummingbird wars.  They continue to "dogfight" over the possession of the three feeders we have put up.  
The biggest and baddest of them I have named Leroy Brown.  Leroy guards the territory with an "eagle eye" and promptly chases off any intruder.  Unfortunately for Leroy, there are often more than one intruder.
I haven't been doing much tatting this Summer.  I did contribute to the Palmetto scholarship book, but you'll have to wait til Palmetto Tat days to find out what.  My lips are sealed.