Thursday, February 28, 2008

Celtic Knot Bat Copuright 2008 Ruth Perry

While Dan and I have been sick with a cold, bronchitis, then the flu, I haven't been totally lazy.
Sarah Kelly, my great niece, and I have been working on a new tatting book which will be available at Hector Tat Days. Sarah is teaching there this year, and I'm going to just be a tatting bum and not teach this year. Hooray!

More details on the book later, but the patterns will include this bat, Sarah's Cross of Faith (the pattern she is teaching at Hector), a Slaver's bracelet with a Celtic Star Rose, Dragon Tears Necklace, Dragon's Eye Pendant, 3D Celtic Rose, a Dragon, and possibly Mr. Clank, and the Celtic Phoenix depending upon if there is room for them.

See Y'all at Zig Zag Corner in March, and at Hector in April. Lily Morales will be at Zig Zag Corner! Several of us from the Cincinnati area are planning to go.

I'm not teaching anywhere in 2008 except local venues, and the Fringe Element Tat Days in September in Canada.

My Beginning Tatting class on Tuesdays at 10 at the Middletown Senior Center in March begin next week. Sarah's next tatting class at the St. Mary's Ohio library begin this week.

Hugs to all, and hope you are keeping warm and busy! Spring can't be far away, but it's been a long cold winter.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry
Butterfly Dreams! The solid green on the bottom wings is block tatting.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Fall Leaves for Fringe Element Tat Day in Canada in September.
Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Due to server and network upgrades I will have limited online access today.

More tatting photos comming soon!