Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drug Sweep Turns Up Celtic Snail

Reported by the daughter of a fellow tatter who visited with us over the holidays:

I have kept the tatted snail you made for me in the back of my checkbook. A friend and I got pulled over after dropping someone off at a house we had never been to before. The officer asked me to step out of my car and proceeded to search my entire car and my purse. Apparently the house we left our friend at was a known drug dealer's home, and the police were watching for anyone leaving that house. The officer went through my purse and noticed a small, irregular bump on the back of my checkbook and got excited; he knew he had us!! That must certainly be a small bag of drugs!!! Alas, when he went through my checkbook all he found was a friendly, completely harmless, clean and sober purple tatted snail. The poor officer looked almost disappointed.

We're still laughing about that! Yes it was a bit disconcerting at the time but the poor officer was so sure he had a drug user and discovered only a friendly snail!. They had her friend handcuffed and patted down. She is convinced the only reason she wasn't cuffed and patted down was they didn't have a female officer on duty at the time...and all she had was a tatted snail!....