Saturday, January 10, 2009

Announcing my 2nd annual TATTING yard sale ! ! !

Last year I auctioned off several packages of tatting related stuff by email bids and USPS mail delivery. Everyone seemed happy with their treasure boxes, and I even received a lot of thank you notes for sharing.

Last year I promised to donate 10% of receipts over the cost of shipping to the Palmetto Tatters scholarship fund. Instead I donated 20%, or $25.00. While that does not seem to be a lot of $, I'm sure that whoever was able to attend Palmetto Tat Days on a scholarship appreciated it. And the best part, I got to share lots of my unwanted tatting related stuff with friends who could use the items, or maybe just appreciated having them.

Well, while unpacking my things in our new house I realized that I still have WAY too much cool tatting things~ ! So, here goes... I will send the top 10 bidders a USPS box of tatting related stuff. This includes thread, beads, containers, vintage items, cute stuff, bags, and a few surprises. I just don't have room for everything, and there are lots of things that someone else should have to love and enjoy.

Remember 20% of what I receive over the cost of shipping will go to the Pal Tatters scholarship fund. Minimum bid is $9.00 since this is the cost of shipping!

Let the bidding begin... email me with your bid: rjpoms at
( change the at to @ ) I already ignoreand delete a lot of spam emails, and don't need more.

In the next several days I'll post photos of some of the items in my yard sale. It's for fun, and for a good cause - clearing out my shelves so I can buy more, uh no, I mean the scholarship fund, that's it... the scholarship fund.