Thursday, October 02, 2008

Snowflake 2008 Copyright Ruth Perry

We all had a great time in Canada, where I got to visit with good friends and meet new friends.  I had some fairly new tatters in my classes.  One who learned how to tat the day before.  It's such a joy to see how our art is spreading!  Everyone was able to do the Maple Leaf pattern.  Some of the faster tatters nearly finished it in class.

The snowflake for this year is a derivation from the Maple leaf pattern.  It is tatted in two rounds continuously.  The first round is shuttle and ball CTM.  Two split rings transition from the first round to the second where  the ball thread is wound onto a second shuttle.  At the completion of the second round the ends are tied together to form the loop for hanging.  

                     NO ENDS TO HIDE!

Here is a Halloween Dreamcatcher that is tatted.  Since spiders "CATCH" mosquitos I figure they can catch bad dreams too.  At least in October.   Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry.

BDS web, Beaded Double Core Reverse Ring for the spider, and knotless tatting over the bangle.  The ends are hidden while tatting over the bangle, and make the tassel at the bottom.  The end from the spider fastens her to the web, and forms the loop for hanging.

Patterns will be available in a few days.  Enjoy!