Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Home from Hector Tat Days!

Sarah and I greatly enjoyed our visit to Hector, and especially seeing our friends, old and new, there! We've come away with a bit of new thread (duh, what else would you expect with so many beautiful colors right in front of our eyes?), and happy memories to file away, and patterns to try.

I was most intrigued by Karey's Dragon pattern with beaded scales. Although I do not relish stringing seed beads on thread, this pattern may warrant a bit of stringing.

A real treat was seeing the antique lace, and Mary Koinor's beautiful lace including lots of awesome tatting and a Bedfordshire bobbin lace edging on a handkerchief. Sue Hanson brought these with her for everyone to enjoy seeing in real life.

Good NEWS for everyone who wanted to go and couldn't - There will be a DVD available of clips from the event. I'll post more information about that when I have it. Shelia Boniface took photos and movie snips to make this project.

Sadly, I have acquired another obsession, or two... Naalbinding and Sprang. I taught a few people to make Snake Knot, and learned just a bit about the Viking methods of making clothing.

So much lace, so little time. And now this too.

Hugs all, more later.