Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tatted BLING BLING ! bracelet for Hector Tat Days
Copyright (C) 2009 Ruth Perry

Come join me at Hector tat days and create a one of a kind bracelet that can also be used to guard your teacup. I will teach how to add tatting to anything using Marie Smith's easy split chain method. We will add beads using Rhoda Auld's method of putting beads on a long picot, create a Celtic woven sample on a metal ring, and have fun making a Daisy Picot ring. This class is for advanced beginners who have mastered the double stitch, joins, and have fairly even tension in their tatted rings and chains. A kit purchase is required for this class.

Martha Ess suggested that everyone post a photo of their class samples - great idea!!!!