Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tatting "outside the box" Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry

This Celtic Rosebud, Heart, and vines is just a doodle for now. The rosebud is an older design, but one that I still really like.

3D figures in tatting copyright 2008 Ruth Perry

I've been down sick with a bad cold since New Years. I finally got smart and went to see the Dr. and got some antibiotics. I've done a little tatting, working on books, and not much else other than resting and drinking plenty of fluids.

The thread is DMC Pearle cotton. The stitch for the cube and triangle is something I'm going to call a "BDS or Balanced Double Stitch". This happened one day in Orland FL in December. Lily, Dan, Nancy (my sister) and I were discussing knots. Dan showed us a sliding square knot used in rapelling, and I saw instantly that it is like a tatting ds, but the number of threads above and below the core are the same, so it is more stable. It will bend EQUALLY in either direction or make a straight line that is stable.

More later...
Ruth Perry