Friday, June 11, 2004

First of all I want to say that I had a WONDERFUL time at Palmetto Tat day! All the Palmetto tatters worked incredible magic for us to enjoy ourselves and I can't wait til next year!

The food was excellent - including the picnic by the lake on Thursday when Jane Eborall and I arrived. Jane was visiting family in the Cincinnati area, so she kept me company on the trip... what fun we had!

I have finally unpacked and done my laundry so I'll try to tell you about my experience at Columbia International University in South Carolina. Why does it take 6 days to attend "Tat day"? Because it should be "Tat week!"

We stopped for the night Wed in Corbin Ky where I met a lady who was intersted in learning tatting - the desk clerk inthe motel!!! Sold her an autographed copy of "Easy Tatting" and gave her some samples of tatting.

Thursday on to Columbia... beautiful weather, not too hot, not too cold. Got room assignment, ate, unloaded, tried to sleep... no luck. I stayed up most of the night preparing for the classes I was scheduled to teach. I wanted to give everyone a gift bag, so I brought little colored paper bags, and filled them with goodies that would be useful in my classes.

Friday I picked out thread I wanted to buy from Snowgoose, and had my treasure bag labeled and put aside. While I was sitting in the vendor room I spied a couple of ladies looking at a copy of my Easy Tatting book, so I offered to autograph it for them, and offered a tatting lesson. The one younger lady was from Kenya and is an incredible cross stitcher! We sat and I taught them tatting 101... how to make a double stitch. They found me on Saturday after their classes and showed me what they made in Georgia's class! AND presented me with a beautiful crocheted mini doily as a thank you for spending some time with them on Friday. (It was my pleasure, really)

Back to Friday... Dropped off things for the consignment table... marveled at the beautiful tatting, and Deb Arnold's bags & such. Turned in my things for the competition. The first I have ever entered. I entered my first iris, a new necklace, the purple vareigated collar, 3 bookmarks, a3 quick quilt squares with tatting on them (dragonfly, roses, and rosebud heart) and a small thread medallion necklace on a gold chain. I wore my first Orchid in a corsage... thank you everyone for your kind words!

It was so good to get to meet everyone who I have talked with on the internet for years. LaRae, Gloria, Hope, Sue, and everyone else... to many to mention. I had already met Georgia in Indy but only for a few minutes.

I elected to teach tatting rather than participate in the tatting contests going on in the downstairs. I saw a video of Mark tatting last year, and I don't know why the tape wouldn't play at any speed other than fast forward. I'll be there rooting for anyone who is brave enough to take him on next year.

I'm getting sleepy, so I'll finish this tomorrow.