Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wednesday Morning... I didn't do any Celtic Tatting yesterday. Today I'm tatting hugs to send to Joy in OZ. It's a very simple thing that is also very complex. Easier to show than to tell.

The shape of things to come

There are many different thoughts I would like to post on here. Some are related to tatting and Celtic Tatting in partucular, others are related to my personal point of view, and yet others are related to family and friends.

I think that in the future I'll divide my posting here into three areas for consistency.

  • CTL: Celtic Tatting Log

  • PPOV: Personal Point of View

  • F&F: Family and Friends

I realize that the topics overlap. Everything in the Universe probably is part of everything else in the universe. Sorting and organizing thoughts is very closely related to the sets and patterns in our lives, which is related to our creative impulses and crafts or art. Tatting thoughts and ideas into threads of theories and truths. I like that.

Copyright 2004 Rozella Linden