Sunday, March 28, 2004

It is Sunday afternoon, and I went bowling with my grandson, Thomas and our Church Puppet team this afternoon. I found it hard to concentrate on bowling. Wally and her family have been in my thoughts and prayers all day... Wilma told me about what happened while we were on our way to the Circle City lace day yesterday. I feel such a mix of emotions, sad, angry, frustrated that a drunk driver was even behind the wheel and could do such a thing. Confused too.

One thing I know for sure. God has a plan for good, and He will bring something good out of every situation. Praise the Lord anyway - that's what a friend of mine told me after her husband's funeral many years ago.

I believe that Wally will someday get to hold her precious three, and until they we'll all hold them in our hearts. They are in the arms of the Father, God. Now that I think about it, I know they're happy and safe in His care.

I just don't understand why God doesn't just step in and ZAP people who are like that before they have a chance to hurt innocent people. (Guess that's why He's God and I'm not, huh?)

I added a photo album on the Celtic Tatting List for hugs. Tatted hugs of course...

Lace day in Mooresville was awesome. I enjoyed meeting Georgia, and Gina, and everyone, especially the Dayton Tatters! I spent time buying butterfly thread, and hedgehogs and something that is a secret for now. Everyone had fun looking at my Celtic stuff, and it was good to see so many people wanting to get more into the Celtic Tatting. I can't wait to see all "your" Celtic stuff that you make now.

I'm looking forward to Palmetto!

Love & Hugs,