Friday, November 09, 2007

Adventures in Podcasting... don't let your dog snore!
Well, we decided to record episode 2 tonight. This place can be pretty noisy during the daytime, so I thought it would be safe to record in the evening. My two little Pomeranians had already been fed their supper, and were quietly napping.
Until we started recording!!!
"Welcome to the Tatting Podcast - Episode2" Snore-zzzzzzzzzzzzzz CLair had fallen deep into peaceful sleep - and started snoring right after we began the recording session. And the joy of having good microphones is that they pick up "presence" or the snoring dog in the next room!!!

I put them outside for a bit to wake Claire up. So then when they come back in they would be quiet. Tana decided that she had a message for the world.
"Bark Bark".

Off to try one more time. LOL, maybe I'll get this posted tonight... or maybe not!