Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Red Star / Poinsettia / Christmas Ornament Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry

I actually tatted this several years ago and put it away to write a pattern someday. The pattern is really simple. Every ring has 3 picots or joins where shown. 3ds between picots, and each chain is 3 - 3 then join to the 3rd picot of the ring just made. Then tat the next ring. The rings are all joined at the first two picots. Tat it in green and it's a wreath! Add beads if you wish... in small thread it's perfect for Christmas earrings.

I've been playing with this design since I revisited it this week, and guess what!!! If you tat two of them joined around the outside you can insert one of those decorative marbles that are flat on one side between the two of them before the final join! I tatted one with yellow on the shuttle and red ball thread, DMC Pearle cotton size 8. It looks really cool, kind of like a magic crystal or something. Now why didn't I think of that for Hector next year?