Monday, July 16, 2007

Tiny Dragonfly Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry

This little guy is tatted with hand quilting thread in blue variegated and silver metalic. Unfortunately, it didn't scan well because of the beads. When I get my photo studion set up later on this week I should be able to take better photos with my camera instead of only trying to use the scanner.
One blue size E bead, three faceted black onyx beads one black seed bead, and two green seed beads.

He is a variation of the butterfly and flowers I have been tatting the past couple of days. String the E bead, faceted beads and then the black seed bead on the blue thread and pull about a yard or so through the beads. Thread the blue thread back through the faceted beads and the E bead. The black seed bead will keep the thread from pulling all the way out.

Tat a reverse ring with rings thrown off [I believe this could be done with a SCMR, but I never that those because a reverse ring does the same thing, only better] This could also be tatted using the daisy picot technique.

Reverse Ring ( 3 ( R* 3 - 5 - 2 - 3 - 2 - 5 - 3) 3 ( R*) 6 ( R* ) 3 ( R* ) 3 )
[ all four of the rings thrown off are the same as the first. ]
[ Adjust the stitch counts if needed between the rings so that the E bead fits inside the ring ]

Using the blue shuttle thread and the silver metalic as the ball thread

ChainA ( 3 + join in the space at the base of the first thrown off ring 3 + join in the first picot of the same thrown off ring 5 + join in the next picot of the same ring 12 - - - 12 + skip two picots and join the the next one 5 + 3 + join back in the space at the base of this ring. )

ChainB (3 + join in the space at the base of the next ring 3 + 5 + 8 - - - 8 + skip one picot and join in the next one 2 + 5 + 3 + join back in the space at the base of this ring.)

Chain ( 3 alligator join between the E bead and the first faceted bead by putting the shuttle thread over and the ball thread under between the rings )

ChainB in reverse order
ChainA in reverse order

Tie the two ends of the blue thread together.

Chain ( 10 B 10 B 10 ) tie this in an overhand knot with the two green beads at the points of the knot.

Chain ( 6 put the core thread through bead 6 through the other bead 6 )

Tie the ends together around the chain at the beginning of the head. Use the ends to sew him to a garment or hide them in the beads and secure with a tiny bit of glue from a hypo glue. This is too small to easily see to hide them in the tatting.

When I get a better photo I'll put this pattern on the