Sunday, July 08, 2007

Martha's 2001 Remembrance Ribbon
I found this easy to finger tat, and other than the obvious mistake of reversing the red and blue, and tatting it way too tight to join the third row evenly, I think my try at this beautiful pattern turned out pretty good.
I used some of the beautiful red, white, and blue Anchor thread I got in Spokane this Spring. It is Pearl in size 12. My ribbon is a little smaller than the one Martha tatted with embroidery floss. It's about 1" long x 1/2" wide.
It did make me remember the events of 2001. I think a lot of Americans have forgotten that our Capital and the World Trade Center in NY were both attacked by "soldiers" trained and sponsored by foreign governments. Terrorists, yes, but soldiers trained to kill innocent civilians in horrible acts of war.
The recent car bombing attempts in England and Scotland indicate that terrorism is alive and well in our world. We need to remember who we are, and why our young men have fought for generations, and are fighting today to protect our freedom and the way of life we enjoy. We often take our freedom for granted.
I pray that we all remember that our freedoms have come at a great price. May we appreciate the freedom we enjoy, and remember the young men and women who are living every day in danger to protect and ensure that we remain free.
May God Bless and protect them where ever they may be tonight.