Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blue Star Butterfly - Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry

Hooray!!! I finally found something to tat with the wonderful thread given to me by a dear friend! I've been saving this thread for more than a year, but it's perfect for butterflies.

String two beads on your thread and wind a yard or two on a shuttle do not cut the thread from the ball or thread holder which will be used as a second shuttle to tat the rings on the bottom wings.

Begin with a small picot by tying an overhand knot in the thread between the shuttle and ball, then tat the first stitch a picot's distance from this knot. Or begin on a paper clip to leave a small loop at the beginning.

Chain ( 35 )
Ring tatted with ball or 2nd shuttle ( 5 - 5 )
Chain ( 40 Bead 50 Bead 40 )
Ring tatted with ball or 2nd shuttle ( 5 - 5 )
Chain ( 35 )

Weave the Celtic Knot, then tie the ends through the picot or loop left at the beginning.

Head: Split Ring ( 4 / 4 )

Tie an overhand knot in the two ends as close to the head as possible, then tie triple overhand knots in each of the two thread ends about 1/2 inch from the ring.


Are you ready to tat lots of stars???