Friday, September 30, 2005

Tatted Halloween broom, by request for Georgia and the online class.

Use about 2 yards of orange or yellow thread, and fold it in half twice. Tie a knot in the middle and, using black or brown thread, tat over the thread on each side of the knot leaving a large picot at the knot (for a loop to hang the broom). Fold this all in half at the knot, and tat over all the threads with one black thread on one side, and the other black thread on the other side, as in perl tatting, but include the opposite black thread in each stitch. You can make it look like a crooked stick this way by varying how many stitches are done on each side.

When the broomstick is long enough, wrap the remaining orange or yellow threads around your fingers to form a tassel, and tie the black threads together through the middle of the loop. Flatten the tassel out like a broom, and sew through these threads three times back and forth with the black threads. Finally, secure the black thread by sewing several stitches like you would hand sewing, and hide the black thread ends in the top part of the tassel. Trim all the threads to the desired length, then hop on and take a ride! Or glue it to a Happy Halloween card. I do not recommend using this broom to sweep your floor, it will just gather up the dust.

Happy Tatting!