Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tatted Irish Lace " Star Flower "

This is the beginning of the Irish Lace Rose. The center is a padded ring with 5 long picots and 18 medium picots. The 6th long picot is a false picot that gets you to the second row. This row is all chains. Start with 5 DS then 5 picots separated by 2 DS then 5 DS then join to the next long picot of the previous row. Leave a small picot here and repeat around.

The next row joins to the picots of this row. Tat 4 DS, join to the picots of the previous row, separated by 3DS, then 4 DS, join to the small picot repeat around.

Join the end to the beginning.

The other rows of the Irish Lace Rose are tatted between the center and the outside row of petals, filling in with more rows of petals.

It is TATTING, not crochet, but has a bit of the crochet look to it.