Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hooray!!! I found the cord for my scanner. Don't you know, it was in the very last box I opened to look for it.

Here are some scans of what I've been doing the past week or two after unpacking and sorting and putting things away as much as I could stand in any one day.

Five Point Celtic Christmas Star for Bina. This is the same Celtic knot as the rose I taught at Spokane 2006.

Begin a chain with a picot or a loop.

Chain (25 - 25 - 25 - 25 - 25 ) Weave Celtic Knot

Join the end to the beginning picot.

Continue tatting around the outside: Chain 12 - 12 + 12 - 12 + etc. Tie the end to the beginning and add twisted cord with the ends if desired or tie hide, cut.

Here is how to weave the Celtic Knot: