Saturday, November 11, 2006

What requires a shuttle and pink thread, has a snout, a curly tail, and lots of tatted babies?

Watch for the answer when I find the cord to my scanner, or my camera. I've promised the pattern for the babies to Georgia Seitz as a lesson for the online tatting class. Tatters everywhere enjoy sharing patterns, techniques, and fun online. Georgia puts tremendous effort into helping tatters share and learn together online. Thank you Georgia for all the great work you do coordinating lessons for the online tatting class. And thank you for all the fun I had visiting with you and Rich while traveling from Ohio to Kansas! ... and back ... and forth again.

I'm working on unpacking boxes since I have sent out all the books that people ordered. I've found a printer here in KC to print the books now, so I can concentrate on unpacking and get on with the next project:

"Celtic Tatting - Down on the Farm" should be ready in early 2007. This book will have the patterns for the chicken, turkey, and other farm animals. This topic was requested by my good friend Riet. Of course, Rita C. in Canada, will finally get the chicken pattern that I promised her more than a year ago.

( Trumpets sound fanfaire) Ta Da! We have a new grand child, Jenna Elizabeth Perry. Photos to follow. This precious addition to our family is truly a miracle child and a blessing. Praise the Lord !

That's all for now. Off to unpack boxes and look for my camera!