Monday, March 03, 2008

Tatted RicRac Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry

Block Tatted Ric Rac
Copyright 2008 Ruth Perry
One tatting shuttle and ball CTM, any color of thread
This is patterned after a “Ripple” crocheted afgan, which has the mountains and valleys seen in ric rac.
Row 1
Begin with a 10 ds Zig Zag Chain alternate 10 normal stitches, then 10 direct tatted (rds), 10 ds, 10 direct tatted (rds) to desired length.
Chain 10 ds , 10 rds , 10 ds , 10 rds, repeat to desired length . There should be picots at each turn as usually done with Zig Zag chain.
Row 2
Depending upon if you decide to end on an “UP” section or a “DOWN” section you will tat the next row of either all ds or all direct tatted reverse ds. In this sample I ended on an “UP” section that is tatted with direct stitches. Make a picot, then continue tatting direct stitches.
D Chain ( - 9 – 1 + 1 + 9 + 1 – 1 + )
That is, the picot to turn for the second row, 9 direct stitches, a picot, one stitch (necessary to make the picot), join to the picot of the first row.
I used a dental tool to open up a picot to join into when the picot there wasn’t big enough to get to.
Next I tatted one direct stitch, then joined into the previous picot of this row, then 9 stitches. Next join into the picot at the top of the “mountain”, 1 stitch, necessary to make the join, and then a picot and the stitch necessary to make the picot. Next join back into the picot at the top of the mountain, then 9 stitches.
Repeat this pattern of going up and down the mountains. With two joins at the top, and two joins at the bottom to make the turns. It takes practice to make the turns look graceful.
Row 3
In this sample I began and ended on an “UP” section. To turn and tat the next row, just make a normal ds, picot, then continue this row:
chain (9 ds – 1 + 1 + 9 + 1 – 1 + 9)
Do the joining at the valleys and mountains as in the second row. Repeat to desired length, and as many rows as you wish, just alternate normal tatting on one row, and direct stitches on the next.