Friday, October 19, 2007

Tootie Fruity The Southern IL fruit bat - Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry, Rozella Linden

This cute little guy is tatted around a magnetic bead so he will stick to your refrigerator.
Kim Myers named him Fruity and he just had to have the first name Tootie. Presented in the online tatting class, and on the
Come check out the new podcast website I'm working on right now.
You can also visit my store for tatting instructions, and buy tatting books in the bookstore. Any tatting guild or tatting teacher who would like to do a podcast is invited to submit a proposal to be a guest presenter in a podcast.
For those of you who are not familiar with podcasting, go to and download the free itunes application and check out all the cool things it will do.
Lily Morales got me hooked on ipod last Summer between visiting with her great aunt and doing "Laundry". I'm really enjoying listening to the radio and the educational podcasts.
There weren't any "Tatting" podcasts, so someone HAD to do it. I'll be posting my first audio podcast on Monday, and starting video podcasts the first of the year.
Hugs, Ruth