Monday, February 12, 2007

How to tat a Daisy Cluny Ring - Copyright 2007 Ruth Perry
Diagram inset shows detail of the "pinch"
Begin a normal ring by tatting 2 DS on the ring.
Slip a paper clip or a hair clip onto the core thread of the ring - so that the core thread doesn't accidentally disappear inside a cluny.

Hold the 2 ds in the pinch with the shuttle thread hanging down, and pull the ring core thread up into the loom for a hanging cluny. Put a floss threader between the two threads and using another color of thread ( about 3' long ) weave a hanging cluny.

Put the weaving thread through the floss threader and pull it through the center of the cluny.
Pull the core thread of the ring down through the cluny to close the loom.
Using the shuttle tat 2 more DS on the ring.
Repeat Clunys, and DS until you have the desired number of Clunys in the ring with 2ds between them. A picot between the 2DS is optional.

Close the ring then continue tatting whatever the pattern requires.
To make the Daisy Cluny Flower that would be:
Direct tat over all the thread ends with green about 15 - 20 stitches, then tat a hanging cluny leaf, and finish with another 15 - 20 stitches. Tie, Hide, Cut or add a tassel.