Saturday, January 20, 2007

Demonstrated Tatting today at the Harrisonville Mill Walk Mall in MO. What a fun time we all had. Now understand, this is in FARM country. Only a few of the stores were open for business.

I think I was the only one doing tatting. Susan Groh did bobbin lace, and there was another lace guild doing bobbin lace.

But the spinners!!! I'm sure there were at least 30 spinning wheels with people spinning and plying and drop spindle spinners, and rabbits in cages, and a baby Llama!!! No not a petting zoo, just someone brought in a baby Llama to visit with a friend.

There was also some good ole gospel music, not the recorded kind, but a Live group including a mens quartet, guitar, keyboard, and a string bass!

Top that off with a carry in lunch with chili, cornbread, cucumber salad, and who knows how many different deserts, well - it was a fun day. Quite a few people showed an interest in learning tatting. I gave away a bunch of my usual tatted butterflies. They do this every year on the third Sat of January. Y'all come next time.