Monday, December 04, 2006

Time to decorate the house for christmas...

I got out our Christmas decorations last night, and they all looked so pretty I wanted to share a photo!

There are tatted, crocheted, needlework, beaded, painted, glitter, and other crafty decorations in my collection. I keep the flat ones in an Oreo cookie tin I got a couple years ago.

Here's an idea I thought I'd share with everyone. It can be difficult getting tatting to exactly fit a christmas ball, and the glass ones tend to break sometimes. I have some ornaments that have a piece of lace trim glued around the middle of the ball, with some glitter glued on around it. These are some of the prettiest that I have, such as the vintage pink ball at the top left corner of this group of ornaments.

Just use glue that will stick to the glass or plastic ornament around the middle of the ornament, then place a piece of any edging around it and overlap the ends. Next, sprinkle a bit of glitter on where the glue is visible, and it will make an heirloom ornament to delight the eyes, and heart.

These make wonderful gifts, especially for a Baby's first christmas... use the same edging you tat for the christening gown, or use thread in a favorite color and a pattern that echos the family history, such as a Celtic design for Irish ancestry. Or glue on individual small motifs in the same way and add a little glitter.