Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mahalias Snowflake

I tatted a purple one for Shelia, and promised this blue one to her daughter, Mahalia. Reverse tatted ring with Beaded 3 x 4 Turks Head knots around and an adjust-a- length necklace cord.

Begin in about the middle of a 3 - 4" necklace cord with a
Reverse Ring ( 3 THK 3 THK 3 THK 3 THK 3 THK 3 )
Close ring and tie another THK in the two ends. Add a large bead held in place with a square knot.

Cut the ends so they are each about 3 inches longer than required to fit the necklace around your head, and tie an overhand knot in each end, and an overhand knot around each opposite side of the string. Leave about 1/4" tails to pull and adjust the length of the necklace.

The Turks Head Knot (THK) is the same knot as the earring in my Celtic Tatting - Knots & Patterns book.

We won't mention what I gave Shelia to give her mother in law, K. Well, it wasn't tatted, but it was Celtic.

I obvoiusly had a good time today at the Bluegrass Festival in the Cornfield. The rain blew over, the cows in the pasture next door were contentedly grazing, and at least some of the music was exceptional.

There was Vernon McIntire's Appalachian Grass with Kitty playing an awesome fiddle, and another band with a little girl who did a fine job on vocals and fiddle too. I fiddle a bit myself. Started taking violin lessons when I was just seven years old. Mostly I just play at church, but I do enjoy it.

There were seven bands in all, and a fine day of bluegrass and the Fish fry & corn on the cob cooked by "Shorty" was outstanding. It was fun hanging with my good friends;"Tatting Rose", Shelia B., and her daughter Mahalia.